Tuesday, November 13, 2007

14 Rolls of Film and a Rotary Phone

Yes, Dear Reader, I have a 35mm FILM camera and a phone which no child knows how to use. I love my camera, but the problem is DROPPING off the film and subsequently picking UP the pictures. To get around the digital, instant gratification GOT to see the now, email them to your friends and family, and post them to your blog phenomenon we have all of our pictures put on disk. So it should be no surprise to you that I have pictures of the baby's FIRST Christmas among all of these pictures that I developed (no he is not mentally challenged). Yes, almost a year ago! I also have pictures from my nephew's briss-he now weighs TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! It is so fun to see how the kids have grown over the past year. And to also see what they got for Christmas (Wow, where did that toy go?). It isn't so fun to see the double chins, fuzzy versions of humidity affected hair, with no makeup, WHY would you choose to wear that pictures of Queen Mommy. King Daddy looks fabulous, as always! Here is Middle with his blankie. How cozy is HE?!

So onto the rotary phone, huh? What? You know not of what I speak, let me see if I can find a picture of one for you...hold please...now I need to upload...hold again... there, now you can see what I am talking about. When our cousins from New Jersey were visiting a couple of summers ago, Auntie asked her older daughter to call her on our rotary phone. She lifted the receiver and "pressed" the buttons, we, the adults busted out in laughter! This, Dear Reader, is when we realized that it probably isn't a good idea for us to have this type of phone. In the event of an emergency the kids wouldn't know how to dial 911. But of course, we haven't replaced the phone as of yet, we do have a portable phone which is the phone of choice. That phone is forever getting wedged in the cushions of the couch and is never charged so either way we are doomed.

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Ashlie said...

Okay girl. You should break down and buy a digital, even just for quick snapshots. I do agree that the old school cameras can take better pictures in most cases, but really? That instant gratification when middle is picking his nose will be worth it. I'm totally loving your blog! I linked it to my page...
p.s. Family seems to be doing better on my end.