Sunday, December 9, 2007

Go Pats!

He wears a box on his head and parades around the living room, purposefully bumping into things and us. His giddiness is fueled by the hilarious giggle from his sister. He tries to climb onto my chair as I write, then he places one foot on the desk as I imagined the astronauts did on the moon. With one swift movement he is off the desk. He climbs on top of the Little Tikes tool bench to flip the light switch, the nonworking light switch. Now he is back in the living room. “Go Pat,” he says with an angelic O mouth. His words have exploded. She yells, “Go Pats!” He buries his face in his blankie for reassurance. He moves on to the Christmas tree, the top heavy Christmas tree. For obvious reasons our tree has the majority of ornaments on the top. This is not my first Christmas with a toddler it is my first Christmas with this toddler. He is unlike either of the other two. Perhaps it is because this is the first time I have had a 20 month old without an infant. Perhaps I had a tighter reign on the other two or perhaps it is his red hair.

King Daddy and I both have dark hair. I have blue eyes and he brown eyes. I prayed for blue eyed children. I also prayed for ten fingers and ten toes and the strength to accept whatever the outcome was of my pregnancies. It has been 4.5 years since I birthed my first and I am still asking for strength. Oldest is blond and green eyes, Middle is brown hair and blue eyes and Baby is red hair and blue eyes. They are so individual yet so genetically linked. Oldest has olive skin of her father’s heritage, Middle has ivory skin of his mother’s heritage and Baby has the hair of his maternal great grandparents and his fraternal great grandmother and the skin of his maternal grandmother. He is our only to have freckles sprayed across the bridge of his nose.

He woke up from his nap screaming. Not screaming for me, just screaming. Middle has always needed a little extra when he wakes. I think about the dinner I have to prepare, but he is not ready to be without me. So we will eat later. He needs me. Oldest asks why he was crying. "Because I wanted my mom," he says. We will eat late tonight. This time is fleeting, it will be over before it has even began.

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Ashlie said...

Aw. You have such a great way of painting pictures with your words.

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