Monday, November 12, 2007

What is the rule when...

...your child tries the dinner you have prepared and subsequently "gags" on the bite that she took?
Perhaps I should confer with Jessica Seinfeld (if you are not aware, Dear Reader, she is the author of the new book Deceptively Delicious).
Seriously, the rule in our house is "you must try the dinner that was prepared and if you choose not to eat it that is your decision, but be forewarned there will be no dessert". Or more aptly, it sounds like this; "blah blah blah blah blah gibberish blah blah gibberish dessert." To which the response is; "dessert? What kind of ice cream do we have"? N O D E S S E R T!
This was the scene tonight, as it is most nights, sans the gaging.
Here is the background: Middle has taken to "ruffing" and Oldest has more recently taken to "meowing" and therefore it is completely apropo that they would have acquired some "gently loved" stuffed kitties and dogs respectively. So I throw a dinner together and then try to assemble everyone to the table. The big kids are "staging" their animals on different chairs around the table (because there are no toys allowed at the table). So after several rounds of counting (you know, "I am going to count to three, 1, 2," "ok, ok, ok, I was just...")and they settled down.
Now in order to engage them into eating just a bite I have to make it a race to see who could take a bite first.
The first race Middle won.
The second race Oldest won.
They both said, "hmmmmm...yummy"
Oldest one starts gagging.
Husband starts laughing hysterically.
"Oh come on! YOU are not helping me"!
After we assess the situation to ensure that she is breathing ok and hasn't actually thrown up, I instruct her to bring her plate over to the sink and thank her for trying the dinner. Which, of course she didn't do because the delicate balance has been disrupted by the uproarious laughter coming from her father. So I pick up the plate and go over to the sink and while dumping her dinner in the trash, I inquire, of Husband; "So what is the rule when your kid pukes"? And you can then guess what happened next. Well, Dear Reader, if you cannot I will share with you what followed. Middle says, "What's a puke"? I, standing over the trash can, am doubled over with laughter, crossed legged as as to not let incontinence get the better of me, say brightly; "Ask your dad".

So what is the rule when your child gags on the dinner you have prepared?

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Ashlie said...

I don't see how you could get through any night with out laughing Bets! With you and your clones I'm sure it's always lively... :)