Thursday, November 15, 2007

509 Days

Is the number of days that I stayed home with my children. 468 days is the number of days that Oldest and Middle went to the babysitters. So for all of you mathematicians out there I was really only home with my kids for 41 days. Yes, Dear Reader, you read that correctly, FORTY ONE DAYS.

I WAS LIVING THE LIFE for 468 days. I went shopping with Baby, I planned dinners with Baby, I visited the Father of Us All, and Wednesdays, one of the days that Oldest and Middle were home we went to play group. But we didn't go every week as sometimes I just couldn't deal with getting three kids up, fed, dressed and out for a mere two hours. On Friday's we either met up with one of my new friends from play group or hung out. I was diggin' it. Then Baby started going to the babysitters one day a week. So I had ONE WHOLE DAY to myself! I generally did things that I would not do with three children, i.e. grocery shop, banking, post office, etc. You see, it makes me anxious, Dear Reader, to do any errands with three unpredictable, diaper wearing, 3 footers. I sweat, my back gets tense and I yell. But all in all havig an entire day to myself was gggggreat!


And then...(drum roll please) we could no longer afford our babysitter.

For 41 days, I was HOME. You can surmise Dear Reader, that money was tight. The kind of tight when you try to get into your jeans from senior year tight and the blood flow was cut off to your waist, that is the kind of tight I am talking about. So there we were. Playgroups weren't really happening because everyone was vacationing at the beach or at the beach or swimming at the pool or at Story Land. You get the picture. So it was me, Oldest, Middle, and Baby. We got up everyday and I micromanaged from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, everyday, for 41 days. Change diapers, pick out clothes, choose breakfast, clean up after breakfast, get snack, plan lunch, clean up lunch, naps, change diapers, get drinks, break up fights, find blankets, do laundry, plan dinner, make dinner, clean up dinner, baths, stories, bed, for 41 days.

And then on the 27th day, while checking my email, hoping and praying that someone had emailed me to tell me that I had won a million dollars, my resume found its way to the top of my desk. I just stared at it blinking, I looked so PROFESSIONAL on paper. This truly was a divine moment. "Why had I not thought of this before?", I asked myself.

Before I knew it my hands were furiously typing my resume. It was like a symphony of clicks. Formating, typing, re-writing, re-working. Within minutes it was done. A masterpiece. And a few minutes after that I posted it on a job board. I was offered a job on day 36, I accepted the job on day 36 and 1/2 and went to work 4 and 1/2 days later.

In 509 days I learned this, Dear Reader, I am not cut out to stay home.


Ashlie said...

I feel the same way bets. Home may be where the heart is, but if you want to stick a fork in your heart every 3 minutes it's a whole 'nother story....

Jenn said...

Hi! I liked your blog I hope it's okay with you if I follow it :)

Likewise, I am a mother and I feel for you. I love my babies that's a fact but somehow, I like the idea of being a working mom better than a house wife. Both has advantages and disadvantages so I guess one just has to weigh which works better for her.