Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Too precious a gift not to be shared

It was a year ago this month, Dear Reader, November 8th to be precise, that The Father of Queen Mommy was diagnosed with cancer. It is hard to think of that day and the days that followed especially for The Father of Queen Mommy...

Here is a poem written by Queen Auntie #1 who, Dear Reader, is the sister of Queen Mommy, the first born to The Father of Queen Mommy. The scene was this...Sometime in late February of 2007- Queen Auntie # 1, Queen Auntie #2, the fifth born to The Father of Queen Mommy, and Queen Mommy were having lunch with The Father of Us All. Queen Auntie #2 shared with us a story of a recent ballet she had been to and how moving it was. The Father of Us All then shared a very moving story of a ride through the Berkshires in the height of Autumn. After that lunch, Queen Auntie #1 returned home to compose this.....

Autumn’s Passion

The man--my dad--is moved again;
Graced because he watches

He sees the unexpected transcendent beauty
The immutable intangible inscrutable
In front of him again as he lives and drives
through an ordinary day
Autumn’s passion explodes.

He wants to capture it, take it, control it
And he does in his daily life of loving, of sharing, of suffering, of giving…
Once he captured it in a painting that hung in my childhood home
This time it captured him-
with a loss of breath and tears
and a small, stray, shared moment over a lunch

The unpredictable glimpse;
Nature shares the Living View
of that which lies beyond.
But only for those who watch.

Last night, I watched.
A sky, mystically adorned, in flux, a dusk
A Living Dusk with pink, violet, orange and blue?
Colors and hues beyond those names;
Colors transcending words
Engulfed me and passed through me.
And then it was dusk.
An ordinary dusk of familiar grays and blues and

Tears for me too, and a loss of breath.
No painting this time to capture it
only this poem-gift for me and for my dad.
Night followed dusk but this night
is alive
with Dawn.
I think you will agree Dear Reader, that this is too precious a gift not to be shared...

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