Friday, November 16, 2007


Test. A pink line. A plus sign. Pregnant. Puh - reg - nant.

The magnitude of that one test, is mind boggling. Finding out you are going to have a baby incites so many emotions. For some, it is elation, for some it is horror, for some it is pure wonderment at the miracle of it all, and others it causes a serious laughing fit. We found out today that very good friends of ours are expecting their first. It is a very exciting time for them and of course my mind wanders to my three positive pregnancy tests. [It skips right over the gazillion negative, false symptom, PHEW tests.]

June 17th - I have a good friend who is an OB so I had the "urine test" from her office. We were living in a microscopic apartment after only 7 months of being married. Our efforts were calculated(this is what happens when you have an friend who is an OB and tells you that you are OLD, based on the reproductive spectrum). I told King Daddy, who was not King Daddy at the time but who became King Daddy after that day, that I was going to take the test. I went in and came out. Sat on the couch and we nervously talked about what if. 3 minutes later I went in I came out even more nervously..."It's positive." We just stared at each other with stupid nervous grins on our faces. We told no one for 12 weeks.

January 23rd (10 months after Oldest was born)- I had one more of those tests from my friend's office. We were living in a different apartment. Again our efforts were calculated. The test was positive, ONE week before we were closing on our first house. Sound of crickets. Mouths agape. Exponentially stupid nervous grins on our faces. We were stunned(I know what you are thinking, Dear Reader. "Um, if your efforts were calculated, how could you be stunned, DUH.). How were we going to pay for TWO kids in daycare AND pay a mortgage? But what if it was a boy? We already had a girl. What if it was a girl? A sister for Oldest, what fun! But why wasn't I more pregnant? Then I wouldn't have to lift a finger "remodelling" the 137 year old farm house we were closing on one week later. We told no one for 6 weeks.

August 6th (10 months after Middle was born) - No calculated effort here-none-nada-ZIP. I suspected 4 days post. I confirmed with a test 6 days post. I was stricken with fear. We, King Daddy more than I, were on the fence. So I waited, for 2 weeks, to tell King Daddy. Then while King Daddy was cleaning the pool, I went out and stood on the opposite side, closest to the door in the fence. Between that and the pool width and depth I had a good barrier and a good escape should the reception be bad. "So I have some, ah, um, news...I'm pregnant." Deafening sound of crickets "Well, (sly grin) we will make it work. (pause) Wow. A third"? This was followed by hugging and reassurance, from King Daddy that we would be ok, all of us. We told no one for 1 week.

Congratulations, Dear Friends, and welcome to the ride of your lives.

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