Monday, November 12, 2007

The have nots

If you didn't see last night's Extreme Home Makeover you missed an episode to remember. The Marrero Family of Camden New Jersey was the recipient of this week's makeover. They are a family of 6, a single father and 5 teenage boys. They were living in a rental house and none of them have beds. The oldest boy slept on the couch in the living room and the rest of the family slept on the floor. Not on a blow up matress on the floor, ON THE FLOOR. With minimal blankets and I don't recall if everyone had a pillow, needless to say this family is, in the materialistic world in which we live, a "have not." Mr. Marrero, age 54, has suffered two heart attacks and can no longer work. He has raised children who, in a city of drugs and violence, remain loyal to the values that their father has instilled in them. They love their father fiercely.

This episode touched me more than most of the other episodes. This morning while feeding my children breakfast - it hit my heart and my soul. Monday - Friday I work fulltime and have a schedule regarding breakfast. No breakfast until everyone is dressed. Today we had "mini-muffins", usually the older two eat two bags of "mini-muffins". Today we had only enough for each of them to have one bag, as I have not been grocery shopping. After repeatedly telling them that was all that we had, my oldest looked at me and said "Mom, where is my second bag"? I told her again, that is all we have to which she said "Mom, but what about my last bag"? I snapped at her, "Did you know that some kids have no food to eat"?

This episode and the Marrero Family, reminds me that I must be thankful that I "have" and that there are so many out there who "have not."

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