Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Have Succumb

So here it is, I am officially a blogger. How did this happen? I am not really sure, but welcome to you, Dear Reader. Well I am hoping there is at least one of you out there, albeit my mother. But here is my question now that I have succumb to blogging who will do the laundry? Who will make the dinner? Pay the bills? Get the cars serviced? Contact the landscaper? I guess it would be the same person who does all of that and more, yup. You guessed it! Herman, do we have a prize for Dear Reader? Herman, "ah, no." Sorry Dear Reader you will just have to be entertained through the written word, but welcome to you nonetheless and congratulations on answering the question correctly!

So how did this happen? I have a very dear friend who has been blogging for a while now and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog. So I thought I would give it a try. I stumbled into a job that involved writing and when I left that job sometime ago, I stayed home for a while. Then I found another job, because I am not cut out to stay home with my children (God Bless all of you who can!), and in my newish job I don't do as much writing as I did in my other old job. So I thought this would help me with my compulsion to write. And so far it is working. But the real reason I wanted to write today is that I just returned home from a great movie. You know when you go to a movie with someone you always do the post-mortem after you leave the theatre? Well I went to the movies by myself and have no one to do it YOU, Dear Reader.

Ok, so my family is not home, they went to Nonnie and Papa's for the day. So I seized my opportunity and went to the movies. Because I love my husband, I saw a movie that he wouldn't see, as it is only fair that he is with the maniacs and I am here lounging about in a very clean house, I might add. Anyway-the movie-Gone Baby Gone-was good. There are a couple of reasons that I loved it:

  1. I am from the Boston area.

  2. I am a "do gooder."

  3. I love movie theatre popcorn.

Being from Boston I can appreciate the nuances of the native accent. Not to mention that the director and the star are also from Boston. The authenticity was revealed to me in a Boston Globe article . Whereby the film crew were filming in Southie and while filming a young woman and her son were acosted by a pit bull. No one was hurt except for a few ears as the explitives flowed out of her mouth like water from a faucet. Needless to say this woman was pounced upon by the director, as a native Bostonian he knew the real deal accent and toughness so often misportrayed in the movies. She is in the opening scene. And her perfomance throughout galavinized the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, give it an eye. I think you will find that it is true to life and a little not true to life at least not to my life.

I look forward to thrilling you with other posts, Dear Reader and thanks for stopping by!

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Mandy - West Lothian said...

Worlds apart but som much alike - email me if you want a friend across the water.....