Monday, December 31, 2007

5, 4, 3, 2, ....1

Happy New Year!
Why is it so much easier to examine our lives at the turn of the new year? I guess it is easier to procrastinate until the end. Regardless of the reason, it is the perfect time of year to reflect on that you have done and that you have yet to do.

For 2008 I want to take action. I want to plan more and stick to the plan. I want to spend more time with my husband. I want to spend more time with my children, individually. I have found in the past that if I make a plan it has been to vague. This year I resolve to take baby steps and to live by the Four Agreements.

For 2008-
These are the projects we want to do around the house-
Stabilize the barn structure
replace the base board radiator covers
replace the front porch
purchase a new pool pump and filter
finish the trim in the living room
paint the kitchen

For our relationship-
Date night once a month
An overnight over February vacation and again at our anniversary

For our family-
Rent a house on the beach for 1 week this summer
Enroll Oldest in Pony School
Enroll Oldest and Middle in swim lessons before summer so they are confident when our pool opens

For our finances -
Plan a savings strategy - save for addition, general fund, King Daddy's course work and Disney
Pay off all credit cards
Purchase a truck for King Daddy

For me-
Take my medicine everyday - I was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago. As many people with depression when you feel good you forget to take your medicine. Well I am in trouble as a result. I must now take action to find a doctor and therapist to get back on track. And be very gentle with myself.
Get regular haircuts
Quite smoking, for good-I have smoked on and off for years and it is time.
Eat more vegetables

Whether or not you make resolutions and stick to them or not half the battle is examining your life and your habits. Nothing changes until you look long and hard and decide that it is worth the pain. For me, the pain of staying the same far out weighs the pain of change. And with that, Dear Reader, I wish you the happiest of New Year!!

Authors addition - I totally forgot - I will be OLD this December so we will be planning for an extravagant birthday celebration! So that would go under things for me and things to save for!!!

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