Monday, December 3, 2007

Ramblings from Cozy Town

There are so many things that I want to write about tonight.

For example, that Baby goes from 60 to zero in one second flat. He was climbing on the corner cabinet and smiling so very proudly when I prepared his bottle, handed it to him and gathered his blankie. We all say good night and he is down for the count.
That the "C" key on my laptop is virtually destroyed. Baby likes to climb up on the computer and reach for tacks, cards, tape, the stapler.

That my Christmas card picture has been chosen and uploaded. No, we don't do a Christmas letter.

That Oldest puked this morning, right in front of the bathroom. King Daddy stayed home.

That when your size X jeans (too large for public consumption) are too tight, it is time to stop eating as if you have been deprived for life.

That there is a Barbie Wizard of Oz set.

That my slippers are at least 20 years old and have gray/metalic duct tape on the bottom.

That the giggle of Middle is the sweetest thing my ears have ever heard. How he enunciates his words. He elongates them. And it is so endearing. For example, we had tacos for dinner last night and they are his favorite. He pronounces taco like this "taakoo."

That Oldest couldn't wait for me to come home to show me how clean the living room was. And that she thinks I smell sooo good.

That I bought an electronic rodent eradicator. It produces electronic pulses or sound waves that are supposed to rid your house of said rodents. So far I think it is summoning all of the rodents in all of Cozy Town to seek refuge in our house. Back to the D-Con. Die rodents die.

That Oldest doesn't want to cheer for the Dolphins anymore because they stink.

That my bra is in the middle of the kitchen floor.

That I played with my children yesterday.

That my Jewish husband reads Advent Stories and decorates the Christmas tree.

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Ashlie said...

Happy Hanuakah! Did I spell that right? Hmm. Did you read about my mice issues? There's actually a couple of good ideas in my comments..... birdseed. Who knew?