Monday, December 10, 2007

Where are the ice scrapers?

Him: “Do you know where all of our ice scrapers are?”
Me: “No, I used my credit card last week.”
Him: “Oh so they are good for something.”
Me: “Our lives are in ruin. We are losers. We don’t even know where the ice scrapers are!”
Him: Chuckles as he leans in for a reassuring hug and kiss, “No we are not in ruins.”

He departs and I set about getting the kids ready. They are already dressed and we are having breakfast on the go so we just need to put coats and boots on. And of course, gather all of the blankies.

I glanced out the window to see his car in the driveway. “Oh no he is stuck.”
Him: “Don’t know what else to do here. I could back it up three feet and go back to bed.”
Me: “Get the floor mats out and put them under the tires, it will help.”
While he did that I went to get the dust pan and broom to sweep up the sand off the porch.
Him: “The tire is completely flat and you were right about the tail pipe.”
Me: “Here is some sand. This is horrible!”
Him: “It is so bad I saw the mice slipping around.”
Him: “No.”

He makes it out of the driveway and over to the gas station next door. I hear the tink, tink, tink as the tail pipe bumps on the ground, soon to be completely dragging on the ground, without the delicate sound of tink, tink, tink, but rather a harsh grating sound.

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Ashlie said...

We are so gullible right? Sliding mice. I would have totally bought it.....