Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Oldest = "Will you ask Daddy to build me a stage?"

Me = "You can ask Daddy to build you a stage."

Oldest = "Ok, I will, I will ask him today. The boys can build me a stage. We can paint it with pink polka dots and blue ones too. Where will he put the stage? I can get up and dance and sing for us, it will be great! Me and you can make curtains and the boys can build the stage. You can use it too! It is ok with me if grown ups use it too. It will be great. Can he build it today? I think green polka dots too. The boys can build the stage with daddy. They can help him. It will be great. I think I will like it alot when they build it."

All the while she is talking, I am thinking where could we put a stage? I am a sucker.


lisa's chaos said...

I linked to you and my 7 things meme today. :)

Allie Bear said...

That is a girl for you.

tiff said...

My girls would love a stage! (My floorboards would love a stage too! LOL

3XMom said...

lol. Don't let your daughter give mine any ideas. And tell her to get in there and help build too! It will come in handy later in life!