Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did the tail pipe fall off?

As previously discussed, King Daddy's tail pipe was dragging on the ground. It was just two weeks ago that I got as close to laying on the ground looking for said tail pipe as I could. I looked in the trunk and the back seat of the car, I couldn't see it.

"Did the tail pipe fall off?"
"No, I duct taped it up a few weeks ago."
"Oh. Did you tape it up so high that it couldn't be seen?"
"Ah, no."
"Um, it is gone then. But it clearly isn't the muffler. I'll call East Main."

And of course I didn't it was right before the holiday. And then during the holidays I had trouble starting the car. And then I had trouble starting it again the next day. And then when we both went back to work on January 2nd I received this email:

"Car DIED on the way to work. It's on the side of the road on Main St. in Grail between westend rd. and shrewsmon st. Can you call AAA and ask them to tow it to either the commuter rail tracks or east main? I'll get a ride home from B. She lives in Marlcliff near the hospital. AAAArrrrrggghhhhh!!!!! Love and thanks."

I just started laughing. I mean what else could I do? I called AAA and they told me that I would have to go and be with the car otherwise they couldn't tow it. So off I went. I had no idea where I was going so a coworker lent me her GPS so I could find the car. I found the car and thought I would give it a try. It started right up. A fact that made me laugh even harder. The tow truck came and I returned to work.

Here is the story of the slow death of the car. King Daddy stopped at the store, he left the car running knowing that there had been issues. He continued on his way to work with no incident. Suddenly all of the lights were illuminated on the dash board. ALL of the lights, even those ones that you never ever see or if you do you have no idea what they are for and that it must be bad, those lights came on. Then they slowly started to dim. Meanwhile he began to here a horrific scraping sound. This is not good. He realized the situation had become dire and willed the car to go on so he could get off the main road. Which is where he coasted down a hill and came to a stop. He then got out and walked, to school, the high school were he teaches.

Now when he told me this story I was practically hysterical and if you don't see the humor in this story please call the doctor immediately and inquire about a funny bone transplant. Because it is all hilarious. Imagine your high school teacher walking along the side of the road as you ride by on the bus. PUHLEASE. It is hilarious!

The car has been fixed and it is just fine. Nothing too bad, a bolt broke off the alternator, shredding the belts and obviously was unable to work properly. The alternator was hanging off the car fortunately it didn't fall off. It is just the cost of doin' business, right?


new diva on the blog said...

Very funny, glad all turned out in the end.

Thanks for visiting my blog and btw my name is Betsy too.

Sarah said...

Saw your post on money saving mom!
Today is a little of an overwhelming coupon day, but you can do it!
Get todays paper (or several inserts from todays paper) and just cut out the coupons. Organize them or just put them in some order in an envelope.
I get on alot to check our grocery/walgreens deals.
What stores do you have in your area? I will gladly help you get started in any way I can! :)