Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going, going, gone

This is how I have been feeling.

Yesterday I was so tired after not sleeping on Tuesday night. I am typically optimistic, funny, talkative and happy. But yesterday? I was grouchy, down right grouchy. So this morning I was delighted when I awoke and didn't know what day it was. As this meant I had had a deliciously, restorative, deep sleep, it was heaven sent. I love sleep. I can deal when I don't get it but I really prefer to get it, as most of us. I even got up earlier than normal and therefore was ahead of the kids, etc.

SIDEBAR = I know that many of working moms are super duper organized and lay out clothes for themselves and the kids. They plan meals and breakfast prepared before they go to bed, etc. But me? I don't operate that way. I am much better in the morning than I am at night, so I would rather clean dishes in the morning or pick out clothes, etc. I know. I am crazy. I know some people could never ever go to bed with a sink full of dishes. Now I am not saying that I do the dishes every morning, I am just saying that is when I would rather do them. End of SIDEBAR

They had their cocoa and bottle, respectively. I put my make up on, laid out their clothes and prepared a second cup of cocoa for Oldest. They were not pestering Kitty too much. I was looking for clothes for myself when I heard Baby's voice. It sounded muffled. I moved quickly to uncover what sinister act was being perpetrated upon him by his siblings, when I discovered, that he had closed the door to the bathroom and was in the bathroom. On the stool. In front of the door. "Get off the stool, Baby." I began to push the door. To my surprise he did, he got down off the stool and I was able to get him out. Then suddenly I was surrounded by them. All of them. "Ugh, I just need to finish me and then I can deal with you, I thought." I put on Wizard of Oz. Thank God they are t.v. heads. I finished getting ready.

Now it was time to get them dressed. Another SIDEBAR = I know that I should not be getting them dressed, but it is habit. Certainly Oldest, who will be 5 in March, does not need help getting dressed, but it gets done when I do it. Middle, by the way, gets dressed himself. End of SIDEBAR Baby was dressed with little struggle. Middle wanted to do it himself. You should have seen it. He is SO funny. I got Oldest dressed.

Now it was time for breakfast. "Today we are having a smorgasbord for breakfast," I said proudly. "What's a smorusbd," asked oldest. "Well it is a bunch of different kinds of food." "Oh like breakfast to go?" "Not really." So I dole out the cereal bars. Middle freaks out. He doesn't want a cereal bar...WHINE all the way. UGH! I then dole out handfuls of Cheerios, followed by raisins. Middle is still not interested. Baby and Oldest are now onto the Cherrios and raisins. I bring out the "treat", a few goldfish. NOW Middle wants to eat. Of course. What do you think I am new here???

Then it is time to get shoes on. Oldest has to go to the bathroom. Middle thinks she is brushing her teeth because she is at the sink, when she is actually washing her hands. Middle screams at her and pushes her, while she is standing on the stool. "Um, OH MY GOD! I thought I was having a good morning. Take a deep breath and deal."

Now it is time to get coats on. I have put their coats on the floor with Middle's hat and mittens. I get Baby's coat on. Middle starts screaming that he doesn't want to wear that coat, but his rain coat. I am thinking, "Are you FREAKING kidding me right now?" I bring Baby out to the car. I come back and his obsession with the rain coat is raging. I get the stupid coat off the top hook and he puts it on.

Now it is time to get buckled in your seats. I buckle Oldest. I start toward Middle when he begins to scream, uh, I mean whine, "I want my girl spot puppy." "No, you gathered everything that you were bringing with you and girl spot puppy was not in your stuff." "But I want it!" "OH MY GOD I CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT TO GET TO WORK, this is RIDICULOUS!" Another SIDEBAR = I put Kitty out when we leave for the morning, Kitty would rather stay in the house. Going back in to get this stupid girl spot puppy is going to cause more problems than I care to deal with. End of SIDEBAR I successfully procure said girl spot puppy, collect Kitty and redeposit outside and get into the car.



Allie Bear said...

Sounds like my mornings, only you are much nicer than me...oh and I don't work. Okay, so basically my kids are annoying too. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ugh, that sounds way too familiar... :) I wish I were more organized in the mornings - sometimes it happens but most of the time not.

tiff said...

I'm a morning person too.