Friday, February 8, 2008

It's really happening

Here is the email from my manager announcing my conversion to a full time employee. I did not, however, include the horrifying picture that accompanied the email.

The Nut House team is excited to announce that on Monday, February 11th, Queen Mommy will convert to a full-time ACME employee. As you may know, Queen Mommy joined ACME in August of 2007 as a Nut Bag in the Nut House. Her initial role was to fill a Nut House team member’s maternity leave. She quickly proved to be a valuable member of the Nut House team and, despite her original assignment being completed, she has remained in her role and is a welcome team player within the Nut House.

During her tenure at ACME, Queen Mommy assumed a full book of consulting business from day one at ACME. In addition, Queen Mommy has traveled to Florida to meet the Super Client for their Nut kick off meeting and is currently managing the Project of All Projects for SDC (Super Duper Client) as Nut Bag and Head Nut Project Manager.

Prior to joining ACME, Queen Mommy spent five years as a psuedo Nut Bag in the Nut practice of a Self Important Company. Her role as a pseudo Nut Bag enabled her to gain significance experience in all aspects of Nut administration.

Queen Mommy has completed N.U.T.S coursework, received her Bachelor of Science degree from Seldom Straight College and has completed graduate classes at Marvard and Southern Nutville University.


MomOf3 said...

This was great! Ha ha!

lisa marie said...

Too funny! Have fun you nut! Congrats!