Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birth Stories

My dear friend Steph had a baby boy last night. Her labor was fast, furious and drug free. Her second and so unlike her first delivery. She was induced and labored and was tired. Not this one! A girl after my own heart.

I delivered Oldest in 20 minutes, my midwife (Tiff if only I lived there or you lived here and it was five years ago!!) had only one gloved hand. Middle in one push no one was in the room, save King Daddy. I scooted back on the table so he wouldn't go flying off. When the doctor walked in he said, "What do we have here?" I requested a refund, but they laughed. Baby, well as anyone who can tell you the third is the wild card. Doesn't matter if you have 3 or 15 kids, 3 is the wild card. He I had to have a labor supplement to get me going after 7 hours of good contractions rendered me tired and no further dilated than 3 cms. Um, what? I deliver FAST, don't you know? Give me a friggin' break! So after they gave me the pitocin he came right out. I didn't even have to push. I felt him coming out, it was awesome. I am made to deliver babes. If I had started sooner I would have had far more. I really enjoy being pregnant, it is the only time I am truly comfortable in my body. Nursing comes easily and I never had any pregnancy symptoms. Ever.

So what are your stories? Do tell ladies I love to hear them!!


Ashlie said...

I had furry surrogates for my babies. My four-legged babies, that is...

p.s. I have decided that I too will have a quick painless delivery someday. That's how it works right?


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

My first two were very different. Abby was pitocin, IV drugs, 3 hours of pushing, vacuum extractor thing and 4th degree tear on top of an episiotomy. Hannah was induced, but a completely natural birth since they never even had time to get me an epidural since I dilated the last 5cm in about 10 minutes and was pushing before the doctor even came in. Becca was similar - induced and came very quickly once my water was broken. :)

tiff said...


I would have been honoured to be your midwife. I may have been a little scared that a first time Mum could birth so quickly. LOL

I am good at birthing my babies in my mind only. Sadly, my body lads behind.

I can so relate to feeling comfortable in yourself when pregnant.

so tired said...

#1 was breech and I had preeclampsia. So I was on bed rest for about one week and then the doctor decided the baby needed to come out. He said show up on Friday at this time for a c-section. And that was it. No contractions. No labor.

#2 was a scheduled c-section too.