Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A long sleepless night in Cozy Town

Yesterday was a long day. Not too long, but three sick kids make anything long. Baby refused to nap. Middle slept on the floor for what seemed like the entire day and Oldest slept on the couch early on. We watched Cars 3 times, Iron Giant 3 times, Bigfoot Presents 3 times, Peter Pan one time, My Little Pony movie one time. I tried to get some work done, however, Baby likes to climb and climb he does. It is pretty funny actually. He climbs up the chair puts his weight on his hands, on the desk, and jams his feet into my face so I will let him sit in my lap. So I was up late getting some work done to make up for the lost time.

They all fell asleep last night before 7. Baby and Middle on the floor, Oldest on the couch. King Daddy carried everyone upstairs, while I dozed on the couch. He then when out to get a replacement pipe for the sink downstairs, it sprang a leak on Sunday night. I was awakened by screaming, so I rushed upstairs to find Baby and Middle screaming and in need of some TLC. I plucked Baby from his crib and rocked him for a time. He relaxed and I placed ever so gently into his crib. Middle has taken to sleeping on the floor, I have no idea why, but he likes it, so we snuggle him in on the floor. I picked him up and held him. I rocked him. He asked to be put back on the floor with many blankets, so I complied.

I went upstairs around 11:30. Screams began at 12. I ran into to find Middle needing me. We snuggled. Then Oldest spoke, in a regular 9 a.m. voice, "I want to sleep with you!" After I got Middle settled I went to Oldest, she was burning up. I ran downstairs to get the Motrin. I gave her a dose, snuggled her in and asked her to be quiet. Gave her a kiss and said goodnight.

Middle came into our room about 1:05. He was tossing and turning and moaning. Poor guy. Oldest came in close to 2. She wanted to sleep where Middle was. So I pulled her on top of me, she was still burning up. "Mommy, my feet are too hot," she said. With that we went straight to the tub. She had a seizure when she was 18 mos old. They were unable to determine if the origin of the seizure. She did not have a fever before or after, although she did have a cold. I am very cautious when she gets sick, she is the fevery one of the bunch. So into the tub, her temp was only 102.7, but it felt a lot worse. She played and chattered. Her cheeks returned to their normal color so we put on her jams and got her back into her bed.

Now it is close to 3. I. am. tired. Middle is still having trouble. Flopping back and forth. Then he wants to be in the middle of the bed. Fine by me!!! We got some sleep until about 6 or so.

They are all ensconced on the couch with their cocoa watching the first run of Iron Giant.

This was Middle on Sunday. A moment when King Daddy and I felt very old, that our Mhister Man is riding a bike. With. training. wheels.

And this was him yesterday...


Karen said...

I'm so sorry. It's enough that you had sick kids all day, but it's the night times that make you old before your time. Hopefully they'll get better quickly!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh I'm so sorry that everyone is still so sick. I hope that tonight is a more restful night for all of you.