Thursday, March 13, 2008

Milestones and updates

Baby will be two in a few short weeks. He is our last babe. Being that he is our last babe, he was on his bottle far longer than either of the other two. I calculated when I should get the other two off the bottle, by the time Oldest was 9 months old, I was pregnant, by the time Middle was 9 months old, I was pregnant. I am a huge comfort/cozy type mother. I foster the love and dependency on comfort items. I do not agree that I should take a bottle from a 1 year old, as our pediatrician recommended. 1 year olds are babies. They need whatever comfort they can get. However, I didn't want either of my two older ones to get jealous of the new baby, Middle and then Baby. So by 18 mos they were both off the bottle. So knowing that Baby's 2nd birthday looms large I decided on a different strategy. We were down to two nipples. We lost one a month or so ago, it was torn and leaked everywhere. One left. On Tuesday last I discovered a tear. I gave it to him anyway. While I was changing his diaper milk leaked all over his face. He was very displeased with that, so I seized my opportunity. I shared with King Daddy the state of the nipple and our plan. He spoke to Baby and told him that the bottle was broken and there would be no more bottle. He hasn't had one since. He saw the bottle in the dish washer last night and began chanting, "boddle, boddle, boddle." I told him it was broken as a little piece of my heart broke over the grown upness of Baby.

Oldest turned 5 last week. She has been in a car seat since she entered the world. She was in her infant seat until after her first birthday. She was a peanut. She has been in her current seat for 4 years and a couple of days. King Daddy and I had done some recon work on which kind, how much, the safety, etc., on this new purchase. Well after two days of having to strip her down to get her in her seat, I bought the "mini-booster" as I told her. The one that she wants isn't on the shelf. So tonight I bought her a booster seat.

W o w.

This is a banner week for milestones in our home. If only I can get Middle on the potty, although not like this, it would be a trifecta. I always say, "he won't graduate high school wearing diapers", he'll get there when he gets there. And by golly it will be before swim lessons next month! Um, yeah shut Middle's finger in the door tonight. Feeling real good about that. Mother of the year.

King Daddy cancelled his debit card. Ordered a new one. Filled out the fraudulent charge paperwork at the bank so we would get a refund. Got a copy of his credit report. All of the things on his report look accurate. Phew. Spoke to Social Security. Um, yeah, they have no record of anyone anywhere, let alone Texas, using his number. So now the question is, WHAT was that Trooper talking about? And what do we do? Ring him up to let him know that his information was erroneous?
Sheesh. Good thing I have been so tired, I haven't had time to fret over this.


Sandy C. said...

Whew! Its been a busy few weeks in your house! It's amazing how much baby's can comprehend so early on. We did the same thing with weaning our daughter off the pacifier. Booster seat is so exciting! I bet your daughter will be delighted to ride in the car now :)
I hope the potty training vibes come both of our ways soon!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, what a lot of milestones and birthdays you've got going on over there! :) Congrats to Oldest on her new booster seat and good luck with the potty training - we'll be there soon too, I think.

so tired said...

I just ordered my daughter a booster seat for the regular seat belt too. She is going to be soo excited when it gets here. She rides in her brother's booster when he's not in the car with us and she thinks she is pretty cool. So she will love having her own.

It's so bittersweet to watch them grow up!