Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still no title?

Be forewarned, I am in foul mood.

Dear people in charge of moving up the time change;
You are brilliant. No really, I mean that. Seriously. My kids stay up MUCH later than usual and we all get up later. It would be great, you know, back in the day when we all worked on farms, didn't have electricity and say kids didn't go to school or moms didn't have to BE SOMEWHERE!
Queen Mommy

Dear Mr. Spitzer,
Go see you your shrink. If you don't have one, GO FIND ONE. Tell everyone you are sick and have a compulsion.
Queen Mommy

Dear Media outlets,
Mr. Spitzer is sick. Are you stupid? Stop asking why such a brilliant man could be so stupid. He has a compulsion. Compulsion is defined by Webster as an irresistible impulse to act irrationally. Smart and what Mr. Spitzer did should not be compared or correlated. Apples and oranges. Do you get it now?
Queen Mommy

Dear Children,
LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK! I love you very much, more than you can probably guess at this very moment as I am screaming my brains out.

And finally,
To the people at iTunes/Apple/iPod-
I do not own an iPod or anything related to this musical fad. Yet I was charged a total of $500 for purchasing said downloadable music. You also SUCK. Hurry up and credit my account the last $100 or I am going to hunt you down and shake every last dollar from your sorry ass. Don't mess with me or my family's finances, you jack ass.
Watch your back.

THE Queen Mommy

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so tired said...

Call the credit card company. They'll take it off right away.