Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two things or maybe more

Polly Pockets


Both of these things must have been created/invented by someone other than a parent. I mean really, who can get all those clothes on the stupid doll??? We have inherited a substantial amount of Polly Pockets paraphernalia and it is crazy. But she likes it and if we lose a piece here and there, how would she every know the difference?!

And the care of the Webkinz, yeah that a kid can do!! King Daddy end up feeding Pinky daily and making sure we enter the thing everyday as well as play a game to win kinzcash. It is so stupid and if we don't do it and Oldest forgets, Pinky will get sick and die. Nice.

When I try to squeeze something in that isn't entirely necessary (ahem, like blogging) and while doing it a fight breaks out or they climb all over me, I lose patience with them. When I stay in the moment and focus on them all goes smooth. Case in point. My friend and I took the kids out to dinner tonight to Moe's Southwest Grill . She watches the kids one day a month and today was the day. It just so happened that her husband was out of town and King Daddy was working. We had a lovely dinner and returned home. I gave Baby a bath and got him in his jams. Oldest took a shower, converted to a tub and Middle joined her. We had a great tub, hair was washed with minimal screaming. We got out of the tub, into jams, brushed teeth, read books, upstairs to bed, prayers and a good night kiss. No time outs, no whining, well that isn't entirely true. A minute bout of whining. Middle is even sleeping in his bed tonight! Usually he sleeps on the floor. He is one funny kid. Not only does he like to sleep on the floor, he prefers to sleep on the floor. He likes to sleep on the floor, it is so not worth the fight.

This may seem like something so ridiculously simple that you wouldn't think it worth mentioning. I have been a mom for 5 + years. Sometimes I forget that I can't do everything I want when I want to do it. Sometimes I need to just be with my kids and forget the rest. That is all the require of me, my true presence, to be with them.


Sue said...

OK, #1 thank you for your birthday wishes! #2 If you need a truckful of Polly Pockets, I have too many to count in various modes of dress. #3 same goes for webkinz, but they don't die if you don't feed them every day(week, month..) so cut yourself some slack. #4 I love, love, love the name of your blog. I even used to work at Talbots, but would now trade anything for a Target! and #5 a fellow Mass. blogger. I haven't met many of us! YAY!

Marlee said...

Really? The Webkinz can DIE?? That is so disturbing!! I wonder how many little kids are going to need therapy because of that??


KathyLikesPink said...

Your post is a gentle reminder to me to view Darling Daughter being 13 as a not-so-bad thing. I'm glad she has passed out of the Webkinz stage...AND the not sleeping in a bed stage.

Hey, they're healthy and happy - that's the main thing.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh yes, Polly Pockets are incredibly annoying. We have a rule that they must stay in Abby and Hannah's room, so that way at least if something's lost, we know it's got to be in there somewhere. Plus the pieces are way too little for Becca to have access to.

I don't mind going on the Webkinz site and playing games to earn Kinzcash for the girls - although I have noticed that you can ignore your Webkinz for quite a long time and they're still doing just fine when you go back on. Phew!