Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Even Steven and other notables

We walked out on the porch this morning on our way to the car. It was littered with gray fluffy feathers. This is the conversation that ensued:

QM: "Oldest look at all the feathers on the porch."
Oldest: "What are those from?"
QM: "Well Kitty must have, um, you know."
Oldest: "Oh. Kitty is protecting our worms."
QM: Stifling a laugh, "I guess so."
Oldest: "Kitty is our worm hero."
QM: "Oh yeah our worms are cheering for him," I thought to myself.

This morning we had cereal for breakfast, Crunch Berries a fav of mine. We were slim on milk this morning so I was mildly concerned that we wouldn't have enough for three bowls. But alas my concerns were for naught. Oldest asked for more cereal as after she had eaten her first bowl there was milk left over. Followed by Middle who asked for more as he too had milk left over. And of course, Baby asked for some too, but not because he had more milk, because Middle asked.

I chuckled to myself as I did this when I was little. I am still afflicted, although now I refer to it as the ratio. The ratio only effects me when I am eating cake and ice-cream. It must be bite for bite.


Misty said...

A worm hero! I wish I had such exciting things to blog about! :)

HRH said...

So cute! This really cracked me up.