Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Oldest said this after putting mouse ears on:

"Maybe Murphy will think I am a mouse wearing a short sleeve shirt." A green short sleeve shirt that didn't even closely match the rose colored Victorian inspired velour pants nor the brown sweater she was wearing today. Funny nonetheless...the things that go on in her mind continually amaze me.

She just said this:

"Can you help me pull up his skirt?"

Middle said this while two chubby toddler hands grasp the handle of a pretend sword:

"Dad, I am going to destroy the world. I, I am going to do it like this [picture a thrust downward with the sword]."

He says this on a regular basis:

"Mom, Kitty is in the glitter box."

He is one funny kid. Especially how he makes facial expressions and how he emphasizes his speech. It is not so funny, however, when he has a tantrum. Not. at. all.

Baby says this whenever I give him something:

"Bank you momma." So darling!

And he also says things like this:

"Shoot gun." As he points his chub hand and says "psh, psh" to make the sound of a gun.

Since Oldest was my first (duh) and a girl I have no experience with all of this boy stuff. We don't have any sort of play guns in the house, but if any of you are parents to boys, you know they will make anything, and I do mean anything, into a gun. Cheese, a graham cracker, you name it!!

They say so many things that make me laugh out loud and these are just a few that struck over the past couple of days.

Glitter box? bwah!!!


Marlee said...

Oh, I love that you are writing these down! I keep meaning to do it and now I can't even come up with one. single. cute thing they say---ahhhhhh!!!!!

Happy Campers said...

That's all just adorable. And yay for you to record things like that. They grow out of it so fast, don't they?

And..what's with the picture of the King & Queen? Why is the Queen pushing a lawn mower and the King is watching? :) hehehehe