Thursday, May 8, 2008

Um, yeah those would be MY kids

Back to the vet we went last night. Kitty was not walking on the injured paw. Severely infected. Mainlining antibiotics.

I had to bring all of the kids as King Daddy had an appointment with a potential client. I was in a horrible mood when I got home, so needless to say packing everyone up to bring them with me was not something I was looking forward to.

I was horrified by their overall behavior at the vet last night. They were wild and disrespectful to the other people in the waiting room. Once I had them all corralled in the exam room Middle stood up during the exam and turned off the light.

When we were done with the visit, I was standing at the desk waiting to book a follow up appointment for Kitty. There were many pet owners standing about and it was chaos. It was then that a kind vet tech told me that my children had run out of the building.

YES, my children, all three of them ran out of the building, through the parking lot. By the time I got out side, Oldest and Middle had opened the doors to the car and were getting in their seats, while Baby was standing at the end of the ramp with another pet owner. I couldn't freaking BELIEVE it! I was seeing RED! I strapped everyone in their seats, locked the doors and went back into the clinic to finish up. I returned to the car and started YELLING. Really yelling. Baby's actions were due to the mob mentality, so he dodged this bullet. Oldest and Middle were sent STRAIGHT up to their room the minute we walked in the door.

This incident demonstrated to me that my children have no regard for our rules. We have many MANY rules. Here are a sampling of them:

1. When getting out of the car in a parking lot, they are to put both of their hands on the car, until I am ready to cross.
2. They MUST ask permission to open a door, ANY door.
3. NEVER EVER go in the street. NEVER EVER (we live on a very busy street).

The kicker? On the way home, they asked if they could have dessert. My response? "You must be OUT OF YOUR MINDS if you think you are having dessert after this!"


scargosun said...

You are a good Mom. I think I would have been all.

"oh, those aren't my kids. I bet they were here just for their rabies vaccine."

*sneak out door*

Anonymous said...

We all realize that sometimes even thought kids are raised to know better, they don't act that way... and it's no fault of your own that they choose to act foolish.

scargosun said...

BTW...finally watched DC tonight from Tuesday. I was telling Sue that
1. Phil is not looking good.
2. The guys on the Wizard annoy me.
3. The owner's son on the Red Dawn should have been thrown overboard by now. The only reason he has not is because of the cameras.

I know you've had tough week. Hope that you are doing ok. :)

KathyLikesPink said...

Keeping their hands on the car is a great idea.

Kids are smart - they saw a weak moment (you with kitty in carrier) and they took their shot!

Ah, well. From episodes like this come good opportunities for teaching lessons/emphasizing safety. Hang in there.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I wonder if it's something at the vet's office - my kids were horrible the last time we went too. Although they weren't much better the last time I took them grocery shopping either. The annoying this is that they KNOW better - they know the rules, they just choose to ignore them. Sigh...