Monday, June 30, 2008

Time travelers

Yesterday KD took the kids to Old Sturbridge Village, while I paid my respects to the family who lost a brother and a father in tragic quick succession.

Spending time with people who you have known for almost your entire life provides a level of comfort that one does not experience with "newly" made friends. We know their stories and they know ours, good, bad and ugly. There is no need for explanation or for shame. We marveled in the similarities in our childhood and at the sadness. The loss of a father because he didn't take care of himself. The loss of a brother who was unable to find the peace that he so desperately desired.

There was much turmoil in our respective families and by the grace of God we are well, we are thriving, we are living. We are showing up for our lives and fully participating in the lives of our families, the ones we were born into and the ones we have created. We have a deep understanding of what many other families never have the courage to talk about; the dysfunction in the form of addiction. But our families celebrate the triumph that can only be won one day at a time. It was a wonderfully warm and comfortable gathering, punctuated by sadness.

When I returned home last night, the house was quiet. KD was up and reported to me the adventure had by all. Oldest loved dressing up in the clothes of the era, Middle loved playing with the "birdies" (the old fashion badminton birdies with real feathers) and Baby loved the kitchen. They helped pump water and gathered firewood for the kitchen "oven." They ran with the herd of sheep who headed to the village green to munch the verdant lawn for their lunch. They played with hoops and sticks, they saw chickens and smelled pigs. They saw all the shoes that had been made by the shoe maker and ogled the black smith. Baby sat on the wall of the water mill deep in thought before he was gathered up by KD to join the rest of the family. They dodged rain drops as they ran through the storm, taking shelter on the porch of the general store. They shreiked with laughter all the while getting soaking wet. This is the stuff that wonderful memories are made of.

We all traveled back in time yesterday and for that I am thankful.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

OK: that post just made me tear up a little.

Life goes on, huh? Sad and yet hopeful at the same time.

KathyLikesPink said...

Wonderful connection between the two experiences.

Funerals are a double-edged sword. It's a sad occasion, but it is pretty great to see old friends and family members. Seems like you reach a certain age and the only time everybody gets together is for weddings or funerals.

scargosun said...

It's odd how sad events like death and a funeral can make us open up with those we feel close to. I remember my Dad's viewing and wake and I smiled a lot b/c all those people were there to support us. It made me happy that he was so loved not only by us but by others as well.