Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We have a WINNER!

Mrs. CPA YOU are correct! Through the wonderful world of blogging I have admired Mrs. CPA and faithfully read all about her and tonight we are having dinner! I love this blogging thing!

You will be reading about our dinner tomorrow!!

Ok, so yes, I am in Little Rock. I flew in yesterday...

Little Rock is a difficult place to get to. No, I am not kidding. First off there are NO direct flights from Boston, none, nada, zip. Fine. I can deal with changing planes. I can deal with walking 1/2 mle to get to my plant. But, um, I have to go downstairs to go OUTSIDE to then climb UPSTAIRS to get on the plane. Now I am not altogether afraid of flying, however, I did not sign up for Rubber Band Airlines.

12 rows, 4 seats across. They checked my bag at the bottom of the stairs. Fine. The flight attendant said, "Welcome aboard the Delta Connector," long pause, "ah, I have to check my notes. I have been off for three weeks." Oh there's a confidence booster! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Were you aware that if I had wanted to go to the Headquarters of Wal-Mart, also in Arkansas, you can fly direct. Who knew?


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Rubber Band Airlines?

that's cute...HAHAHA

Lindsay said...

Let us know how Arkansas is. I've never been.

Karen said...

But you got there, right? Hopefully the flight back is better.

CPA Mom said...

You mean "CPA MOM, you are correct, yes?!"