Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2

I noticed on Monday that the hot water was a little weak. Our last oil delivery was in May so it is not out of the realm that our oil tank would be dry which would mean no hot water. Our oil company from last season was so short on customer service I couldn't stomach using them again.

When I left for work yesterday I had planned on calling a new company for oil. I did call that new company only I called at 4 p.m. They couldn't deliver oil until today unless, of course, I wanted to pay a $105 emergency delivery fee. "Uh, no."

So here is the dilemma. I skipped a shower yesterday, my hair looked pretty good and washed my face with cold water. But today? My hair needs a shampoo and I just can't handle the thought of a cold shower, it is too barbaric, really. So should I wait until the oil company delivers oil, take a shower and head to work? Or work from home today and not worry about it? Or pull up my hair, wash my face with cold water and just deal?

Decisions. Decisions.


KathyLikesPink said...

Wow, did they give you a time they'd deliver?

I think I'd shoot for working from home, then the pressure is off a little bit.

Our hot water heater is electric, and I had the first shower this morning, and I take the shortest shower in the house...and it went cold. I suspect with all the construction I have going on, maybe that breaker didn't get switched back on. In any case, at least I'm showered and ready to head for work!

Misty said...

working from home is always a good thing...

tiff said...

Definitely work from home!