Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Known Fact

I believe in Bigfoot. Totally and completely. Really. I was reunited with my belief last night while watching the show Monster Quest on the History channel.

I think it all began when I saw the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. There is a scene in the movie when someone is sitting on the, ahem, toilet and the arm of Bigfoot reaches in the window. It was horrifying!

In 1993, while driving across country for field camp we stopped in and around Mercer Pennsylvania for the night. I was keenly aware that there had been a sighting of the beast, in my childhood during a visit to my grandmother's in Erie, PA. I was anxious. While everyone relaxed on the coin operated vibrating bed, I was alert. Listening for any sign, that I may be privy to him. But nothing.

In 1996 I moved across country to attend graduate school. I did some field work around Mt. St. Helen's. The mountains and forests of Washington State is THE place for Bigfoot. My friend had given me a book, written by a man who had walked these very mountains in search of. As I lay in my tent I strained my ears. I saw banana slugs but no clumps of super smelly hair or ginormous foot prints. But not for lack of trying.

I have not traveled much since those days, but last night while watching Monster Quest it all came flooding back. The classic footage from the 1960's of him striding through a river in California. The Legend of Boggy Creek. My obsession. I wonder if I am obsessed with the mystery of it all and if in fact he was ever discovered I would be deeply disappointed.

In any event, I am glad to be reunited with my ridiculous obsession.


Mrs. Parks said...

Hmmm... I have lived in Washington and Oregon my entire life. I have seen some large, ignorant, ape like, hairy men, but never BigFoot.
I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I ever see anything though : )

Sarah said...

I believe in Bigfoot, too! Heck, I believe in a lot of those things...I love watching Monster Quest...there've been some neat episodes!!

KathyLikesPink said...

I heard a comedian ask,"Isn't it interesting that now that everyone has video cameras, you never see news footage of UFO's or Bigfoot?" Like, if they really existed, we should have tons MORE footage of them nowadays!

I'm an Oregonian - I like Mrs. Parks answer!