Sunday, August 24, 2008

It is not the size that bothers me, it's the length

I have never had a perfect body. Whatever a perfect body means, that is.

I have a flat butt, hips, thighs and a stomach. I have always had issues with my weight and now is no different. I am bigger than I was before I got pregnant the first time. Evidently it is very common for women to gain with their first and maintain with each subsequent pregnancy. As an admitted crazy person the thought of going on a diet makes me eat as if my last meal has come and gone. It is awful.

The only time I was ever truly happy in my own skin was when I was pregnant and/or nursing. I was amazed at what my body could do, no matter how little I actually did to care for it. But now - the slackness of my skin and the fat that the skin covers seems to be floppy, deflated if you will. I often wonder if it is a function of my advanced age when I produced off spring.

As I said it isn't the size it is the length that bothers me. I was a 34B and now? 36 l o n g. Yes, you read that right. I said l o n g. Humphf.


Mommy Cracked said...

LOL! Amazing how those things change, huh? I won't even go there with my size...*cough*DD*cough*

KathyLikesPink said...

As a fellow L.O.N.G. - I hear ya, sista! Gravity is NOT my friend!

Lindsay said...

I loved nursing but hate what it did to my chest region. It makes me want to nurse again just to get that oomph back.

Dee Light said...

Very Fun!! I stopped by your blog because the title caught my eye (very cute). But I can so relate to your post. I do think age has something to do with it. My oldest is 11 I had her when I was 27, and really had no problem loosing my pregnancy weight. I had my little boy when I was 34 and my youngest daughter when I was 36, and most of that pregnancy weight is still hang'n on.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

l o n g? What does that mean?

I had a breast reduction when I was 20, so I can't even breast feed. Not that I have ever needed to. But with the slight prospect of having a baby in my late thirties, I wonder what kind of damage it will do to my body.