Friday, August 29, 2008

It is over

Today is the last day that Oldest will go to day care. Yes, she will go during school vacations and the like, but her day to day life is about to change so significantly and yet so subtly.

We had kindergarten orientation this morning. Although I was supremely dissatisfied with the communication of things like the bus and the bus schedule, I am happy that she will be there at that school with those teachers. Sending them to school means the school administrators get a bunch of new parents. As a kindergartner she will be picked up at the end of our driveway and you can be rest assured that I am buying batteries this weekend so I can record as she embarks on this new adventure.

They got to ride on the school bus with the teachers and the principal today. My heart skipped a beat watching her as she lined up to get on the bus. Upon leaving today she told KD that she can't wait for a long ride. He and I chuckled, we live 1/2 mile from school.

I continue to be a flurry of organization. I put every single activity on our calendar at home, every 1/2 day, every day off, etc. I am working on finding Bento Boxes for her lunch as she really does not eat sandwiches.

Middle will be starting pre-school on Wednesday next and we presented him with his new back pack yesterday. He was so very proud! "It is a perfect fit, Mom," he said proudly. Middle is also allergic to peanuts. It was one of the moments I was horrified at when we discovered. His allergy is every so slight, but present none the less. So this morning, the pre-school teacher sent the following email out:

Good Morning,

Just a quick note, we have a peanut allergy in the class this year, so please make sure to check labels when sending in snacks. On Wednesday we will provide you with a list of "Peanut Free" snacks!

Thanks so much and enjoy the weekend!

I was mildly embarrassed. I felt like saying, "Yes, I have one of those kids." I am not making light of the seriousness of this type of allergy, I am making light of the fact that my kid requires special handling. Perhaps I am not making sense, but if you know me, you know what I am trying to say. I also need to get a doctor's order for the school nurse. You can bet your bippy that I will be having him tested at his next appointment! His last reaction(and 2nd only in his life) was over a year ago and it was no worse than the first time. And the first time he had hives around his mouth. We do not read labels, we just do not let him eat peanuts or peanut butter. But now that he will be with other kids in a less controlled environment than our babysitter it is an issue for his safety and my sanity. So although I am embarrassed about the attention via the email, I am glad for the precaution.


Kristi said...

I am feeling like "It is over" too since both boys start on Tuesday. Noah asked me today if we could have a "Back to school" party Monday night with a cake. I think he has a great idea so we are planning on it.

KathyLikesPink said...

Hey - don't feel awkward or anything about the peanut allergy! There are LOTS of peanut allergy kids at that school. One of Darling Daughter's classmates since nursery school had it so bad she couldn't even SMELL it.

And by the way - I was diagnosed with peanut allergy 3 years ago, at mid-life. Weird.

Riding that school bus is SUCH a milestone! Darling Daughter always loved the bus too - and wished she had a longer ride on it. She was always home about five minutes after school got out!

happy valley said...

When Daughter started school I couldn't get out of the car. Hubby had to walk her in.

Side note--I had worked at the school she was going to. Her teacher was a friend. Still could not do it!

rowehowz said...

my milestones this off to HS, and one off to middle school.

Not kidding when I say time flies.

My major advice ....VIDEO TAPE all those priceless moments !!! And dont forget the youngest. My regret is that I dont have more of my youngest.

scargosun said...

Don't worry about the p-nut allergy. MUCH better to be safe than sorry with something like that right?

Lots of changes for the Royal household. Good luck to all!

tiff said...

Will be thinking of you on Monday as you see Oldest off. It's always hard to see the first baby off.
Hugs, lots of hugs and chocolate.

Rebecca said...

You might want to check out these lunchboxes, as they seem like the kind of thing you are looking for:

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