Monday, August 18, 2008


On Saturday, we spent the day at my brother's house. My dad was visiting and we all gathered to see him and visit. It was, as always, great to see him. We do a lot of reminiscing and even more laughing. It struck me, as we were driving home, that we don't have many memories as a family after my parents divorced. That may sounds dumb, but we have memories after the divorce with my mom, as a family. Yes, we see my dad, but we see him for holidays and visits, the visits I am talking about are the life visits. Just regular gatherings or helping out with stuff, not the holiday formal stuff. After 21 years, it still makes me sad.

But the great thing about Saturday? Was the kids. All the kids running around like maniacs. Having a "What's that horrible smell party?" It truly fills my heart with gratitude and love for all this family, as a whole, has accomplished.

We are blessed!


Kristi said...

I think that's the reason that my brother,. sister, and I are so intent on having our kids all grow up together as friends. We remember few gatherings also, and when we did get together, it took so long to get comfortable around the cousins that we didn't actually start playing together until half hour before the gathering was over. Our kids run off together in glee the minute they see each other and I get excited every time I see it.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

What kinda game is Horrible Smell??