Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crock pot, day 1

Yesterday we were at our niece's third birthday party all day. Such fun to see all the cousin's playing together, in spite of the rain. We drove home during the worst part of the storm, it was scary. We went to yet another new church today and then I went grocery shopping. I took my new crock pot cook book with me. It is a magazine type cook book from the Fix It and Forget It series, that I purchased at Target. Where else?

Our babysitter swears by her crock pot and since I am committed to remaining organized and efficient I studied the cook book during gymnastics yesterday. I chose a few recipes that seemed delicious and hit the store today. A leisurely grocery shopping adventure truly makes me happy. I purchased snacks and food for Oldest's lunch and Middle's snacks as well as some ingredients for dinners this week. To be made in the crock pot.

While dinner is cooking I have prepared a new garden and caught up with a friend. I have dug up the irises and investigated the spots on my hydrangeas. I put reigns on Oldest's "horse" and assisted her in getting unstuck.

Tonight's main dish? Apricot Glazed Pork Loin Roast.

Stay tuned for the down low on the crock pot maiden voyage.

Edited to add:

YUM!! KD and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Middle ate all the pork, a couple of spoonfuls of peas and none of the stuffing. Baby ate NOTHING and Oldest told us that we were not acting like a King and Queen at all. That when she says "no thank you", we shouldn't just sit there and eat. Um, yeah right.


Happy Valley Mom said...
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Happy Valley Mom said...

sHow was it? I am always looking for a good crock pot recipe.

Have you tried the chicken and artichoke one? Daughters favorite

tiff said...

We love our slow cooker here. Set and forget!

Mrs Parks said...

The backs back!
Yay : )

Is it time to do the iris?
I guess I need to get out there and do that.

I love cousin kids.
We had all the cousins here at the same time this summer and it was SO fun.

scargosun said...

ooooo! I am loving this new section of your blog. FYI, I think it was in Bon Ap they had a crock pot recipe for ribs. I'll try it and pass it on.

cancersucks said...

Have you read the blog of 365 days of crockpotting?
The blogger was on Rachael Ray. I love new crock pot recipes. Do share!

KathyLikesPink said...

That sounds so yummy - could you email me the recipe? I'm a big believer in Crock Pots!

(PS-I have your lovely antique canning jar on my counter waiting to return to you!)