Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crock Pot

Ok, so my latest inspiration? Her Can you imagine? I am duly impressed. In keeping with my organization streak, I reviewed the contents of my freezer this afternoon and found the following items that will be dinner this week.

1. Flank Steak
2. Ground Meat
3. Chicken Breasts

I am very pleased with all of my crock pot activities last week in addition to my organizing efforts. They were unveiled to my family yesterday when they were here for Middle's b-day party, a roaring two thumbs up.

Although today I am exhausted, I think I worked 60 hours or so last week and the party yesterday. I have been pretty much useless today.

Tomorrow's we will be eating flank steak in the crock pot.

But tonight? I have no idea!


scargosun said...

It is WAY too hot to cook here for 8 hours. ;) I found that recipe in Bon Appetit though and it looks AWESOME! It is for braised short ribs. I know you are busy but should have it up by now. I am going to try it this week.

Mrs Parks said...

At my house "I have NO idea whats for dinner" always means Pappa Murphys : )

Happy Valley Mom said...

Try moma's losing it meatballs. They were a big hit!

Burgh Baby said...

You are soooo far ahead of me! I can't even figure out what is for lunch RIGHT NOW. Well done!