Friday, September 26, 2008

Do I fit?

Lately I have been feeling out of place, awkward and like I don't fit in. It may be that I have been so focused on getting the house and kids so organized that I have not taken the time to get myself organized. I am constantly scrounging for clothes to wear now that the seasons have changed. Are my clothes hip enough? Is my "uncoolness" real or perceived? I know I am a crazy person! But sometimes it gets the better of me!


Happy Valley Mom said...

When I get that way I sit down and watch " What Not to Wear". That helps me figure out my body type and what looks good on me. Then I ask my friend to go shopping with me. She is a hip dresser and always looks great. I was a little nervous the first time I asked her to shopping with me-I kindof felt that I was asking her to be my friend. We make an agreement before we go--She has to be honest with me if it doesn't look TELL ME!

I always come back feeling great! Looking great and with something I would have never have tried before.

Mrs Parks said...

This is how I figure.
I am old enough now (thank God) I don't even worry about if I fit in or not.
I have rocked out to my own fashoin beat for so long I see myself as a trendsetter.

I refused to EVER give up my stetch pants.
I proudly wore them when it was so uncool my family hung their heads in shame.
Have you seen the fashion mags this fall????
Stretch pants baby!

Put your best self out there and you'll be fine, confidence is everything : )

Misty said...

this post really hit home with me, but then the comments just made me giggle... I love that we girls can understand other girls. It's the best cure all, sometimes...

Sue said...

Inbetween seasons is a toughy! Chilly in the morning, hot by 1 pm then cold by 5. Don't worry though, it's almost time for fleece 24/7!!!

tiff said...

I don't think you are crazy and I'm sure you are hip!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I feel that way just about every time I leave the house. I used to feel like I looked 'cute' or at least somewhat put together, but nowadays I just feel frumpy, overweight and - old, I guess. Even in groups with other moms, I just don't feel like I fit in. Sigh. You're not alone!

Stephanie Patterson said...

There is a full length mirror in the bathroom at work and I can't walk by it, especially today, without cringing. Let's face it--we aren't "hip" and probably won't ever be again. But we are mommies and we are both "cute" (yes, you have to admit that we both fall into that category) and as long as we are happy with ourselves, who cares what anyone else thinks!!!