Sunday, November 2, 2008


KD, is working without a contract, as you know. They, the teacher's in his town, voted by 2/3 majority to "work to rule" beginning on Monday. The "buzz" in and around the community is mixed, but none the less, I am PISSED at all the derogatory comments about teachers. And since this is MY blog, I am going to let it rip, and make SWEEPING generalisations.

I assume that people who do not support teacher's ability to flex their collective muscles do not wholeheartedly support public education. I assume that if they attended public school they were not greatly influenced by one of those teacher's. But rather they focus on themselves and rather than try to understand the situation, think how it will impact them. Rightly so. As a parent I may feel that way too, however, being that KD is a teacher AND a parent I fully support his vote and the district's decision. Although they are working to rule starting on Monday, he did not gather his students for the extra curricular activity that he brought to the high school this fall, in anticipation of this. So a group of 12-15 kids, some A students, some B students and some C students don't get to participate in something that brings much joy to them and presumably to their parents. Not to mention the joy it brings to KD.

Yes, teacher's work 180 days, but really KD works all year long. He works weekends and school vacations, including summer. He knew going in to teaching that he nor his family would be "rich" based on his income. Don't misunderstand, KD is paid fairly well in the grand scheme of things, but he deserves to know that every year his salary will increase. To think that the negotiating committee offered a ZERO percent increase for THREE years? You have got to be kidding me. There is no question that the Massachusetts Teachers Association has provided lackluster assistance to these teachers and THAT makes me angry. The fact that there has been NO press regarding this makes me angry! This has been going on since last Spring and the Union representative for the school in which KD teaches is basically useless. Truly. All of this should have been going on all summer. Decisions should have been made. The Westborough School District had a similar issue going on and they had great press and were united. They have reached a common ground with their school committee.

The thing that really pisses me off? Is that the longer it is quiet the better off the administration is. Has anything been communicated to the parents of the beginning of work to rule? The teacher's have been instructed not to talk to the kids about it. Which so pisses me off. What if a student asks? What are they supposed to say. I mean come on.

KD cares deeply for the kids in his classroom, but he cares more about the kids in his living room. It is about money, but not a lot of money. It is about respect for the job that he does better than most other teacher's in his position. It is about his pure dedication to the school and the students. It is about the money to take care of the kids in his living room.

Here are some things that other people are saying about this situation. It sure does piss me off!

Especially this one:

Greedy, greedy, greedy. In a recession when people are losing their jobs, this group is worried that their raise is not large enough. Shame on you.
-Get over yourselves


Mandy/Mommy Cracked said...

It would tinkle me off, too. Being a teacher (ok, former teacher) myself, I can attest to the fact that the hours are long, the pay is lousy, and the job is thankless.

scargosun said...

I am 150% behind you all...eventhough I am in PA. :( I really hate how teachers get a bum rap when it comes to this. You are also 100% on the money (no pun intended) when you talk about how your kids at home are your first priority. That is EXACTLY as it should be. Anyone with any other job would feel that way. Why is is it that teachers should expect less. Oh and BTW, next time some one says teachers ONLY work 180 days a have my permission to punch them in the nose.

fluffymuffy said...

I understand your pain. Being in education too, those ignorant comments infuriate me. Usually those are made by older members of the community who have been out of the "loop" for a really long time. What others must understand is that if you want quality education you must pay the teachers competitive salaries. These are also the same unhappy people who blame the teachers for not teaching our youth correctly. They will always complain about something. I hope that your district will value their teachers before it is too late.