Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It has begun

We were presented with homemade ornaments for the tree. Be still my heart. I remember all the ornaments that adorned my mom's tree specifically those created by little ones. Middle made a "bell" with a tiny flower pot, Oldest made a reindeer, with clothes pins, a candy cane out of beads and a sparkly star out of Popsicle sticks.

We will have them for our lifetime.

In spite of having frozen pipes in our laundry room, I have assembled the children's outfits for church today. KD is home and either at the laundromat or the pipes have melted enough for laundry to be done. We will prepare the roast to cook while we are at church and spend the evening with family. Once we put the kids in their beds we will wrap all of their gifts. I will take a picture of the living room and then upload it to Capture the Magic, furthering the belief in Santa.

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Happy Valley Mom said...

Your card was beautiful!

Merry christmas