Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is all fun and games

Until someone poops in the hot tub.

We went to Coco Key Indoor Water Resort. It was school vacation this week and I opened my mouth so long ago to ask them if they would be interested in going. Silly Mommy! OF course they would like to go!! KD was not interested in going AT all, so I flew solo. We went to one that was closer to our house for a recon mission, NO security, so we went to another resort.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon. I tried to avoid the whole sleep over thing, but it ended up being more cost efficient to go with an overnight.

During our first visit to the water park Middle asked, "Can we go where it isn't wet?" I smiled huge and nodded and packed everyone up and headed to our room. A huge bonus! He proceeded to extract his wet clothes and put on his jams. After everyone had removed their wet clothes and donned appropriate dry clothes, we watched a marathon of Phineaus and Ferb, a show that is not typical at home, and perused the room service menu. Another treat as KD does indulge in, room service. It is without a doubt, very expensive, but the kids LOVED it! Especially middle. He ate in his jams, in BED!

After dinner we headed back down to the water park. We returned to our room at about 8ish and settled in to watch a show that was moderately appropriate and free, Harry Potter. Eventually they all fell asleep. I was up pretty much the whole night, every hour on the hour. I hate the first night in hotel sleeping. As this was the only night I was pretty much a wreck on Sunday.

On Saturday Middle stuck to the really REALLY safe rides. While Oldest had discovered two tall slides that were super exciting! Baby had discovered these slides, at the urging of Oldest, after dinner. It was pretty comical seeing a three footer going down the huge slides. He screamed with glee!

Sunday was a much braver day for Middle. Once he hit the bigger slides, we didn't see his little peach face for some time. He had a blast! We all had fun. I went down the slides a couple of times and really enjoyed myself.

We wandered outside to the hot tub, which technically is off limits to anyone under the age of 6. But the outside hot tub is unsupervised. So we spent some time, after lunch, in the hot tub. We went inside to retrieve a life vest for Baby. He held onto my fingers with a death grip and away we floated. When I got him out and sat him on the pool deck, I inquired, "Did you poop?" Why do I bother asking, the answer is ALWAYS the same.

Long story short, we had to throw his bathing suit away, alert the housekeeping staff to the biohazard in the family bathroom and let them know what "exhibit" the offense occurred.

Well, it didn't end up as glamorous as we had hoped, but at least we enjoyed the hot tub.

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Misty said...

at any rate, a weekend away is always nice :)