Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 years

It has been five years since he came into our family.  That first day he slept - the whole day.  We watched him as the snoozed along in his little pyrex dish.  His nose was big, his lips were luscious and he had no chin.  He was the biggest out of the three at a solid 8 pounds and his entry into this world was fast.  One push, thank you very much.

It took us a long time to "figure" him out, but once we did he was so happy.  As the years have passed he has thrown many tantrums, fits and fought with us.  He has grown into a considerate and thoughtful young man.  He is agile and gifted with superior athletic abilities.  He rides a two wheeler and has done so for the past three weeks, self taught.  He loves to build things and to cook.  His favorite food is tacos and his preference is to stay home, in his pajamas and play with his legos.  His favorite person, without question is his father. 

We celebrate an amazing five years of Middle and enjoy all the things that make him him.

Happy Birthday, Middle.

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