Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday NOT

I planned and strategized.  I researched where and what had the best deals.  In the end, after discussing with J, I decided to not attempt to fight the crowds. The items I am looing for are most certainly not the hottest trendiest toys.  As J pointed out the stores provide a false sense of scarcity, the sales go on for two or three days.  So I am shopping on line from the comfort of my living room.  Although, there are 6 eyes peering over my shoulder as a result only so much can be done. 

My only other Black Friday experience was easy.  O was still a baby and his sleeping schedule prompted me to get up.  The thought of setting an alarm was just too much for me.  That and the sight of people lining up last night at Best Buy. 

If you are partaking today, I hope you get every deal you set out to get.

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Kristi said...

I got some, missed some. I call it a draw.