Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't make me go

I am not cut out to stay home fulltime with my children.  It is not in my D.N.A.  I tried, really I did, but it isn't for me.  However, I really am not looking forward to work today.  In fact, I think it is ridiculous that out of 365 days I get 14 days of vacation, 10 holidays, plus a floating holiday, 1 personal day and 6 sick days.  That is a total of 32 days.  Really not that good of a ratio.  I have already declared that I will take this week off next year.  At that time we will have two full time school kids.  Thinking of it that way I have a year to my vacation with a couple of days sprinkled in between.

Now that is a bummer.

Update:  It is a bummer however, my math is wrong!  Out of 260 days I have 32 days off.  14 days is equal to THREE weeks of vacation.  Still.

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