Monday, December 21, 2009


[From Middle English (bi) hedlong, alteration of (bi) hedling : hed, head; see head + -ling, in a specified direction; see -ling2.]

(hdlông, -lng)  adv.
1. With the head leading; headfirst: i.e. The runner slid headlong into third base.
2. In an impetuous manner; rashly.
3. At breakneck speed or with uncontrolled force.

Main Entry: 1head·long

Pronunciation: \-ˈlȯŋ\
Function: adverb
Etymology: Middle English hedlong, alteration of hedling, from hed head
Date: 14th century

1 : headfirst 1
2 : without deliberation : recklessly
3 : without pause or delay

I have realized, in my 41 years, that this is me.  I don't analyze my decisions, I just do.  I have, for the most part been successful with this modus operandi.  However, I fear it may be time to begin a change.  A change for the better.  Not that I will ever give up my impetuous self or uncontrolled force, never.  But I feel it is time to give way to more strategic, deliberate and organized living.  To plan my days and in turn our children.  It is time to pay more attention and give more attention to all things.  It is time to make adjustments in our home.  It is time to provide a more orderly place in which our children's spirits can thrive.  I believe that we have provided a place for their spirits to thrive thus far, but there are many things we can do better.  Life is hard, but to do it without deliberation is like rowing a one oared boat, it is good exercise but you never get anywhere. 

So with the help of several different resources, I will begin an incremental process that I believe will be uncomfortable at first, but will enable our family to thrive.  For after all is that not what my role as a wife and mother is about?

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