Saturday, January 2, 2010

In preparation of 2010

In preparation for 2010, we hosted a little gathering for M and her friends. We did crafts and ate snacks. I think the party was a hit.

We made masks and New Year's Eve balls. You know like the kind in New York City that is dropped at midnight? I found the idea here and in real life application realized that the pins used to secure the sequins probably not the best idea. Perhaps it would have worked if I bought standard pins where the diameter of the pin head was larger than the hole on the sequin. In a flurry of consumerism I bought “silk pins,” they have smaller heads than the hole in the sequin. We quickly learned of the issue and switched to glue. The girls had fun creating their New Year’s crafts.

I wish I had thought of a similar decoration for my chandelier before New Year’s. I think next year we will make our own ornaments and hang them from all 5 arms.

Sparklers are always a hit! The girls thought they were fantastic!
M made garland out of the remaining silver chenille pipe cleaners, a brilliant and beautiful idea for our tree! We will be creating more garlands next year without question!

After the girls departed, I fetched the fondue pot that had long since been lost and cleaned it up. I realized that we don't need Sterno for our fondue pot and called J to discuss the fuel situation. Once that was settled we hit the road to pick up the boys.

Upon our arrival home, we played Wii for only a few minutes, then turned it off and turned on Christmas Carols. We sat together and talked about what 2010 will bring for our family. “W you will go to school on the Yellow Bus!” “M you will go to 2nd grade!” J said, “O will go to school too,” oh yeah, I never consider preschool actual school. We explained to the kids that it is customary for people to make New Year’s Resolutions and what all that means. We asked them if they could think of things that they may want to change in 2010. After some thought, M piped up and said, “I think, on weekends, I will scoot to the bottom of my bed and jump off.” Humpf, well ok then. She went on to add, “I think I will be smarter in school.” Atta girl! Neither W nor O had much to say about changing, at least nothing of note.

The menu was Cheese Fondue. None of the kids had any interest in the actual cheese part, but rather the forks. So after some entertaining by M, by way of dancing, we indulged.

She really truly loves to dance. It’s just that her coordination does not enable her to stay off the floor. And you can see by J’s face, his support is immeasurable to her success.

After dinner and a healthy expression of “Happy New Year,” we had cake.

We snuggled in with a movie. Lights were twinkling on the tree and children dozed off one by one. It was a wonderful way to ring in 2010.

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