Friday, January 22, 2010

Interesting perspective

Ten years or so ago (wow that was a long time ago!), I was enrolled in a post baccalaurate pre-medical program.  It was rigorous, time consuming and competitive.  In addition to the core curriculum for the pre-med program, they offered support courses.  It was in one of these support courses for Organic Chemistry, while waiting to review the test we had taken the week previous, that I over heard the comment.  I am not sure if I said aloud, "If I bomb this test I will do something else, like teach," or not, but someone said something to that effect.  It was then that a woman who was married (I knew it because she had a beautiful large engagement and wedding ring ensemble), but did not have children, said this;  "Don't you want to have a career that your children can be proud of you for?" 


I. was. dumbfounded.  I. was. outraged.  Later on my ride home, I pondered how it was that she came to have such a skewed and horribly flawed perspective.  When I relayed the story to J, who at the time was only my boyfriend, he was equally outraged.  And by the way, this was before I had a cell phone, so I had to wait to call him the next morning.

We both agreed that this woman was out in left field and whole heartedly agreed that children look up to their mothers for being able to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or driving a car.  Obviously, I did not become a physician.  My decision was the right one for me and yesterday?  It all came full circle.

I am by no means the perfect mother, but I understand my role.  I understand that in a few years I will be her least favorite person, I get that.   But right now, in her world, just being me is enough to admire.  And that folks is pretty clear.

p.s. Pretty sure I don't own pants with legs of two different colors or big red shoes.  I'm just sayin'.


3XMom said...

That is so adorable. About 20 years ago I was alone on a plane and a little girl was sitting next to me. I started talking to her (she was probably about 6) and she asked me if I was a mommy. I said no. She said, "well then, WHAT are you??". hee hee.. hmm..may make for a good blog post myself. Thanks!

Robin said...

These are my favorite...I save them all!