Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night we were channel surfing.  Actually, J was channel surfing.  I was doing work for work.  You know work.  Anyway, we came across channel 12, in our town that is the local station. You know the local access cable station with the sub par graphics and the cheesy music.  Anyway, we were watching the school committee meeting, it sounds twisted but we were rivited.  J, if you recall, is a teacher so anything having to do with school and committees to which he does not have attend is very intriguing. Especially when it is about the school to which our children will attend.  So...the subject of kindergarten came up.  We will have a kindergartener this coming fall and the fall after that, so we leaned forward.  Not really, but I closed my lap top.

The Superintendent who is new to our school system, is in favor of a non-tuition based kindergarten.  Currently we pay for full day kindergarten to the tune of $3,000 per year.  And by per year, I mean for M and now for W and year after next O would be going.

Evidently, we need to have one year of non tuition based kindergarten before we can apply for a grant to assist the town in paying the staff.  That is the sticking point.  So I am guessing that perhaps we will need to pay tuition this fall for W and hopefully for when O goes, we won't need to pay.


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