Monday, January 18, 2010

Three home days in a row

I am not cut out to stay home.  Really I am not.  I tried.  I only lasted a few days.  So here we are, a three day weekend and J is working, all weekend.  The entertainment really was the kids.  They played alot of imanginative games, play dough and Wii.  We read the first chapter of Mary Poppins, I can't wait to read Laura Ingals Wilder with M.  She is going to love it!  Our outing on Saturday was Target and Sunday was church.  But we did this on Sunday afternoon.

Getting ready.

Making their selections.

Looks like the colors have been picked.

W's toes

O's toes.  They didn't last long, he began picking at the dried nail polish.

Purlple and Starlight, beautiful!

30 perfect toes

I wonder what we will do on Monday!

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