Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids and money

Sometimes it seems as if there is a huge knot in my brain and it is not until the clarity of an idea or premise is presented to me that the knot becomes an untangled useful string.  Our class last night was like that.  We talked about how to teach children to understand money.  We learned that children should not be given an allowance, but rather they be taught you work to earn money.  Just. like. we. do.


So tonight, they cleaned the living room and each received a quarter.  Merri shoveled the walk and salted the driveway for fifty cents.  They wanted more so her and Will put all the books away that had been scattered on the floor in the office.  It was exciting.  I know that the amount we pay them for their chores won't sustain them forever, but we will ride the quarter bus for as long as we can. 

After our class last night I was inspired.  Truly inspired.

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Shelby said...

yay for the quarter bus..