Saturday, February 13, 2010

Look what I made

I have been getting more and more crafty in my old age and I put this together for Mer's day yesterday, as she had a Valentine Party at school.

Red felt, $0.35 a piece, I bought the sequins for something else. 
Nothing that sequins and hot glue can't do!! 


I am inspired to create and became more inspired after reading her blog around Christmas.  Her children make gifts for eachother, which in my opinion have much more meaning that the $20 or so bucks that is spent on plastic.
And I have drooling over the clothes at Crew Cuts for Mer, but I refuse to pay that much for clothes.  And I am happy to report, thanks to her, I can now make something like this:

By the way?  This is THIRTY TWO DOLLARS!  What that heck?
I can buy a 100% cotton t-shirt for five dollars and some tulle for probably $1.50 a yard.

Case in point, this shirt?

Is $6.50 or 2 for $5 at Old Navy, I think it is worth a try!
DIY all. the. way.

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