Friday, February 5, 2010

Thinking in questions

If no one comments, does that mean no one reads?

And if no one reads, can I still go to BlogHer

If my content is schizophrenic, does that mean I am doing it wrong? 

And if I am doing it wrong, can I still go to BlogHer?

If I don't have a web designer, does that mean I am generic?

And if I am generic, can I still go to BlogHer?

I am thinking that perhaps BlogHer is a bit out of my league.  However, I am beginning to think that I need to step it up.  I am beginning to think about alternative ways to earn some cash.  And NYC, is really geographically close to Boston.  And if I went to BlogHer, I bet I would learn some pretty awesome things to further my development as a blogger and as a writer. 

Are you going to BlogHer


Kristi said...

I'm reading, even though my comments are down. I wish I could go to BlogHer one of these years.

Mrs. CPA said...

I have already purchased my ticket for blogher. You should go! Shelia and I are planning on staying together and we have room for a couple more people in our room. But speak up soon!
It was a lot of fun last year. Tons!

xoxo Ashlie said...

I would love to go!!!! When is it?
p.s. I started blogging again!!! (Big suprise)