Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day is fast approaching

A holiday, I use 'holiday' loosely here, that I have never had a particular affinity for. My V Days have always felt forced and therefore never genuine.  Actually there was one V Day that was pretty good and of course it was with Jer, it was when we were dating.  Our second V Day, as married folk, I was pregnant with Mer.  I had gone to Banana and bought some boxers with hearts on them, placed Hersey Kisses in a path so he could find the boxers.  But that particular V Day I fell off the curb in down town Boston, walking from South Station, on my way to my office.  No one stopped to help me/see if I was OK/needed assistance, I was roughly 35 weeks pregnant, obviously pregnant.  That in and of itself is horrifying, but to have no one stop and be that pregnant, well there aren't any words.  There was one, more recently, that he bought roses.  However, they were about 150% more on V Day than the day before or after.  Rip. Off.

Anyway - I decided that this year we would make all Valentine's for their classmates.  We started it last weekend and did some more today.  Interestingly I will end up doing more than they will, but it is fun and glittery.

And then we had some little cards to keep track of and since we aren't big into decorating for the ahem, holiday, I thought this would be the time I implemented something I had been thinking about for a long time.

See that empty wall space to the right of the window?  It is an awkward space.  I have had different things hanging there and I didn't feel it with anything. And now? 

And we are now decorated for V Day...

I am pretty sure that Jer won't love it.  He is anti clutter and he will refer to this as "vertical clutter."
Notice the silver glittery clothes pins?
We did that at Christmas for the decoration in their room.

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Stephanie Patterson said...

I have always hated V Day because I have historically given way too much and expected as much in return, only to be disappointed. I have changed this with Tom because I don't set expectations. We don't exchange gifts. But this year... I entered a radio contest for the worst valentines stories and won!! I gave them the story about the year that scumbag I dated before Tom got married on v day, while he and I were still dating. So I am getting flowers, a gift card for a massage, and jewelry. Nice!