Friday, March 12, 2010

Working mom

I do enjoy my job at my corporate post, but my most important job is motherhood.  I often wonder about my legacy.  My children know that I don't like to play with them.  "Mom doesn't play."  Sometimes it stings, but it is, after all the truth.  I love my children fiercely and deeply and I would lay down my life for them if needed.  They know how much they are loved.  But it is curious when Merri says things like, "You don't give me the care I need."

I hold back the laughter and pull her in tight.  I tell her how much I love her.  What else can you do, right? 

I know I have said this a gazillion times on here I understand the power I weild as a parent.  I know how my words could cut them or lift them up.  I also know that one day they will understand for themselves that we are simply humans who have been entrusted to care for them. 

I think my legacy is evolving and so far, I like it.

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