Monday, April 12, 2010

Having an unexpected baby

means a whole lot of do over...

I nursed all of my babies.  Merri I nursed until she bit me at 9 months.  Will weaned himself at 7 months, it was too short, in hindsight and Ollie I nursed for 10 months.  I will, without question, nurse this baby for longer than any of the others.  I will not nurse this baby into toddlerhood and if this baby weans him/herself early?  I will pump, at least that is what I say for now. 

Having three babies in three years makes you really want your body back.  I was either pregnant or nursing for the better part of 36 months of my life.  It takes a toll on you.  It really does.  I do not think I am a selfish person in the least, but the role of mother is never ending and I happily embrace this role.  In that role I find that I need to set boundaries and this time around, it will be different.  I think the boundaries will be different.  Or so I think.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, we found out at five weeks, I was overwhelmed and scared.  Our life, it seemed, did not have room for a new baby.  But now...we are truly grateful and blessed that we have been given this little life and we have 6 months to go to meet our new one.  Here's to a continued healthy pregnancy.

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scargosun said...

I had a friend who had an unexpected little bundle of joy. It was her 4th too. You'll make it. :)